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Reimagining Replay

Hawk-Eye's high-performance and affordable broadcast replay solution.

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Flexible & Modular
Highlight Workflows

HawkREPLAY provides a flexible and high-scalable architecture to meet any size of live production. 


It offers a modular solution that allows flexible configuration. Processing nodes or replay workstations can be added with little overhead to meet changing requirements. 

Intuitive Toolsets

HawkREPLAY's UI provides a streamlined approach to live broadcast with a modular toolset that is tailorable to each sport and workflow.


Clip creation, tagging and playback workflows are more intuitive than ever, allowing the operator to focus on what's important.

Key Features:

  • Turn on/off, re-size & repurpose UI modules

  • Allow single screen or dual screen layouts,

  • Multi-camera clipping & highlights

  • Integrated game/event data panes

  • Instant access to any feed on the network

  • Low latency monitoring of sources and playout

  • Advanced audio configuration

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Scalable Capture & Processing

The system provides ultimate scalability and flexibility to cover any shape of live events.


Operators can access the system from anywhere over a remote network link and cloud native deployment capabilities, allowing for flexible remote production models. 


Ultra-low latency access to any stream on the network provides operators with unmatched speeds and efficiencies.


Key Features:

  • Up to 16 channels HD or 6 channels UHD/2RU Chassis

  • SDIST2110 or BOTH

  • High availability with automatic redundancy built in

  • Built off of COTS Compute Platforms

Precision Control

The HawkREPLAY controller is a purpose built replay controller that allows control of video sources and clip creation during live production. With it's tried and tested ergonomic design, it makes accessing any camera on the network effortless for operators and allows for fast and flexible highlight workflows. 

Key Features:

  • Precision T-bar

  • Dual functionality jog wheel for slow + fast navigation

  • 20+ Customisable buttons providing full control over the input feeds and clip creation

  • LED button IDs

  • Network connected via 1GbE

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