'The only arguments over DRS should be over how, not if, it is used'

Mike Selvey

Cricket Decision Review System

Hawk-Eye's cricket technology have been used by host broadcasters at major Test, ODI and Twenty20 matches around the world since 2001 and in 2008 Hawk-Eye's LBW detection system was approved for use by the ICC and added as part of the official Decision Review System.



Cricket fans and (most) professional teams now expect Hawk-Eye’s verdict on LBW appeals, a testimony to Hawk-Eye’s reputation for accuracy and reliability. Please refer to the PDF downloads section on this page for supporting information. Hawk-Eye’s LBW Decision Review System is officially approved by the ICC and has been helping make cricket fairer and more engaging since 2008.


Hawk-Eye’s latest innovation UltraEdge takes the controversy out of both audio and heat based technologies by syncing up vision from ultra motion cameras and audio from the stump mics to deliver the most accurate and cost effective system for detecting whether a batsman has edged the ball.

Hawk-Eye in Cricket

Hawk-Eye in Cricket

Hawk-Eye has an unrivalled track record for innovation and has a number of officiating, video management, fan engagement and live production solutions specifically tailored for cricket.


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