Hawk-Eye Partners with Unmind on #WMHD2019


Hawk-Eye Partners with Unmind on #WMHD2019


"Unless our people are mentally healthy, we don't have a business"

As part of our ongoing efforts to de-stigmatise mental health, from today onwards, our staff around the world have access to Unmind, a digital workplace mental health platform that empowers you to proactively look after your mental health and wellbeing. 

We take care of our teeth by brushing them twice a day and we exercise to keep your bodies in tip-top condition - this is exactly what Unmind will help you do for your mind. 

Key Features include: 

  • Learning & Development - Bite sized programmes developed by industry experts covering relationships, health and more. 
  • Powerful Tools - World class exercises for stress, focus, sleep and more.
  • Assessments & Insights - Understand your mind and gain actionable insight. Track your progress and get personalised suggestions through your Mood Tracker.
  • Support & Signposting - To private, ironclad, assistance, anytime, anywhere, any device. 
  • Praise - Show your gratitude by sending praise!
  • Engagement & Security - Your information is completely secure - your individual data is never shared with anyone. 

Below are the co-founders and content creators talking about Unmind: