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Hawk-Eye in Tennis

Hawk-Eye has been an integral part of tennis since 2002 and continues to deliver innovative solutions for federations, tournaments, broadcasters, sponsors and academies that truly enhance the game for players and fans.

Hawk-Eye in Tennis


Now used in over 80 tournaments around the world, Hawk-Eye’s ITF approved Electronic Line Calling service takes the doubt out of close line calls by using the most sophisticated millimetre accurate ball tracking cameras to identify whether a ball has bounced in our out. In addition Hawk-Eye’s SMART Replay technology can deliver instant video replays to assist officials with close decisions on foot faults or line calls on clay courts.

Live Production

Hawk-Eye’s SMART Production service uses automated player tracking cameras and intelligent production software to streamline the live production work flow, enabling tournaments to cost effectively maximise their court coverage.

Broadcast Enhancement

Hawk-Eye’s ball tracking cameras not only assist officials, but also generate huge volumes of data which enables Hawk-Eye to deliver analysis and insights that truly enhance the fan experience and helps to tell the story across broadcast and online channels.


Hawk-Eye’s tennis simulator lets fans test their power and skill against the world’s best by creating an unrivalled and immersive game play experience. In addition, Hawk-Eye’s latest innovation, SMART Vote uses branded voting cards, the big screen and vision processing to engage tennis fans in the stadium.



Hawk-Eye’s digital division Pulselive has a unique set of capabilities that brings tennis to life across online, mobile and social platforms, helping federations, sponsors and broadcasters deliver an enhanced connected experience for their audiences.


Hawk-Eye’s SMART Tennis coaching system is the most technologically advanced high performance coaching systems in the world, allowing in-depth analysis of individual strokes, rallies and match play via customised, user-friendly software.


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